Do you believe there is room for improvement in your supply chain?

Would you like to concentrate more on your core business?

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We can take over your logistics problems and save you money.

We'll do the hard work for you while you concentrate on your business.

Our professionals can provide with the service and expertise that you and your staff deserve.

The use of third-party resources is increasing because leading-edge companies need to focus on their primary competencies. Rigar Transportation provides a comprehensive freight management service that produces measurable bottom-line results acting as a dedicated fleet provider or as third party logistics freight management partner.

When Rigar handles your freight you can:

·Eliminate Fleet Maintenance and Repair

· Reduce Freight Cost

· Minimize Capital Investments

· Focus on Your Core Competencies

· Consolidate Freight Payments

· Optimize Transportation Mode

· Maximize Delivery Performance

· Improve Efficiency


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